Curve "Grovel" Test Pilot program.

Curve is very excited to announce our Test Pilot program... we are offering our customers the opportunity to "crowd fund" the development and refinement of products with us.

It all begins with this sexy steel + carbon forked Roadie Disk / CX bike named the Grovel

We are offering pre-production Grovel frame and fork at 50% off it's expected retail price. Once the minimum of 10 frames are pledged, we move to pre-production and deliver you your Grovel to use, abuse and provide us your valued feedback. 

Curve Grovel Steel CX Frame and Fork


It works like this

  1. We make the prototypes. After vigorous testing, we release our test pilots pre-production model which still has our standard 2 year warranty.
  2. You buy or "pledge" your involvement at 50% off the expected RRP of the product. We need to have at least 10 frames pledged by the cut off date before we can move to pre-production.
  3. You then ride, rate and report back to us.
  4. We collate your feedback and if needed, we refine it for our full production model 
  5. You gain Test Pilot privileges which includes specials and 50% off the full production model if you want to upgrade.
  6. If we don't make the numbers in the time, then we give you a full refund of your purchase/pledge.

It's a very exciting program; for more info on the frame and to pledge, click here through to the Grovel product page.


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