Allan Iacuone, the peoples choice at the mens national road cycling champs

The Aussie mens road champs turned it on today, and with Gerro, Cadel and Porte on the podium - you can't get much better than that!

But we have to send out a huge congratulations out to Allan Iacuone and Adrian Jackson showing true grit finishing the 180km road race in style and panache... we are honoured to have such talented nice guys
rolling around on Curve Carbon wheels.

Alby (Allan) was the peoples choice and managed to stick with the 17 man breakaway for 15 of the 18 laps, even leading the youngens up the hill at one stage - it was unbelievable how many people where screaming out his name on course in support.

You just have to love how Aussies get behind such a great story... what a day!


Allan was on 24mm wheel

Adrian was on the 38mm

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