Darwin to Cairns on the Curve Cycling Grovel 4130

Darwin to Cairns on the Curve Cycling Grovel 4130

OutbackWe just love hearing stories of the adventures that our bikes have been on. In 2015 the Curve Cycling team had some great adventures of their own, but so did a lot of Curve Cycling Grovel frames out there in the field. Here's the story of one of them...

Last year Ben Hirons completed a ride from Darwin to Cairns on his Curve Cycling Grovel. Unfortunately Ben lost two bikes in the six weeks leading up to his trip; one stolen and one destroyed in crash. We had to work fast but we managed to get him a Grovel sorted out just in time for his adventure.


We heard from Ben shortly after he returned... "Just wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know that the Grovel did a great job on my ride across to Cairns. Literally didn't have one problem with it, despite all the corrugations, dirt, sand and countless other bits of shit that it copped. And it was great fun to ride!"

Ben's trip was just over 2,500 km in total and passed through Roper Bar, Borroloola, Hells Gate, Normanton and Port Douglas. Check out the Ride with GPS file above to see the full route. He finished the ride in 26 days, with a couple of rest days along the way. About a third of the route was on dirt.
There were some very isolated 400 km stretches along the way. A long dirt ride through Limmen National Park and the long push into Doomadgee mostly on dirt were two examples. Warm weather (low to mid 30 Celsius) every day made water a constant priority.
Beach Curve Cycling Grovel
You can find more great pictures from Ben's cycling adventures all around the world at chinnysride.tumblr.com. Check it out and get inspired for your next adventure!
Thanks for sharing with us mate!
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