7.8kg (17lb) Open AAX 29er MTB with Curve wheels

If you're building a bike with the lightest production carbon MTB frame in the world, obviously you want a Curve hand built carbon wheels to finish it off.

Here is the amazing Open AXX limited edition.

Open Cycle is a new venture between Andy and Gerad, a couple of long standing bicycling professionals working at the pointy end of the industry, their philosophy;  "bikes, open and simple". Which must mean light, carbon and beautiful too. This one of the first Opens frames to hit the Australia.

For the lucky owner of this bike, (lets call him HK) obviously there was an endless choice of much more expensive European and North American carbon options; Enve & Easton to name a few. But after much deliberation Danny at The Fixed Wheel bike store in Manly, Sydney, ended up recommending a pair of Curve wheels, with the aim to round this bike off as a reliable, strong and still incredibly light bike.

The final decision was made by HK after reading about Jesse Carlsson and his extreme run during the Tour Divide...  "if these wheels were good enough for Jesse, then they'll be more than enough for me"

This very sexy and very very light MTB comes in at 7.8kgs with pedals - next we need to know how she rides! Stay tuned.

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