Review: Crummy MTB gives Curve the thumbs up.

Crummy MTB has been rolling on a set of our wheels over the past few weeks, and has given them a rave review. 

"This wheelset with its carbon rim defiantly provides more stiffness out at the rim and has pushed us towards being converts to the wide rim ideal. We imagine you will be cheering when your rolling on a set of these sharp wheels."

Mr Michael Crummy, the man behind CrummyMTB is a bit of a local legend... a fierce and fast competitor who shows a lot of commitment to MTBing, the race scene and promoting the sport in general - just have a look at his long and illustrious Race History.  

So when we passed him on a set of wheels for testing, we were keen (and a little excited) to get further insight into our Curve carbon from someone who really knows his stuff.

Thanks for the review and we love the title "No need to be envious"  it says a lot about Curve and the quality of our wheels.

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