Riding has always been at the heart of Curve. We have ridden around the world and across continents in our own adventures and have experienced many amazing things on the bike. Curve expeditions are our way of bringing others along to share in the experience!

We chose the name “expeditions” as these are adventures, they are explorations into new regions experiencing the wild corners of the earth from the bike. Although in remote regions our expeditions are fully supported and you won’t be left behind out on the road. There is support on the expeditions but they are still demanding and you need to be up to the challenge of some quality exercise each day. 

Seeing a new place from the saddle is the best way to understand and really get to know it. Our expeditions entail much more than just a ride each day. Local and delicious produce is a feature as well as unique hospitality experiences. Depending on which tour you join this could mean a tree top cabin in South Africa or sleeping amongst Incan relics high up in the Andes of Argentina. Any good adventure is often made by the interactions with the locals on route, our expeditions are built around local people and you will be guaranteed to meet and share moments with the amazing people who call these places their home. Our expedition team spend plenty of time on the ground crafting the experience of a lifetime for you!

These expeditions are not simply cycling holidays, they are cycling adventures!

New destinations are being considered all over the world, if you have a suggestion, a question or would like to get in touch with our team. Please reach out to us below!